Sourcing for Wood Carvings in Bali

Shopping Tour to Balinese Craftsmen

Buying Tour in Bali for US$ 35/day**

Balinese Craftsmen Wood Crafts Sourcing in Bali

Photo of Balinese women working with wood crafts. Balinese crafts women painting wooden handicrafts in a remote village of Bali Island. Use our sourcing service and let us take you to these talented and skill crafts people. Get to know the people who make Bali handicrafts. We will take you there just to look or even to place an order. These Balinese are friendly and always smile to you. Balinese friendly attitude is world famous. Come to Bali and let us take you there.


We have selected craftsmen across Bali Island which we have known for years. These craftsmen we know well. They will offer you their best price, suitable for wholesaler not tourist price. Don't waste your time wander around in taxi or rental car. Hire us and we will go straight to the best craftsmen. Let us consolidate your orders for these craftsmen and take care your order after you return to your country. We will oversee the production, quality control, supervise the packaging and shipping. We also take care the export documents and even send the export documents by express courier to your address.


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This is sourcing or shopping tour service offer by CV MAYA. A company register in Bali Indonesia. Come to Bali and let us take you to our trusted craftsmen. However, if you can't fly here, we're here to help you to place your orders for your craftsmen, supervise the production, quality controlling, packing and shipping. Email us your orders for your craftsmen, we will then visit your craftsmen, place the order and report to you.