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About HR Proactive

HR Proactive is committed to promoting respectful & productive workplaces through the design and delivery of superior products and services.

HR Proactive's programs include comprehensive facilitation materials, reproducible participant manuals, video DVD, e-Learning modules and more. Our company takes pride in providing the most innovative and effective training programs that are in keeping with adult learning principles. We seek to continuously improve our methods and products to better meet the needs of our diverse customers.

HR Proactive is a progressive, dynamic consultancy business with extensive experience in providing human resources/human rights related services. Companies and organizations that are experiencing workplace conflict turn to HR Proactive for expert investigations, mediations, training programs, workplace audits and policy development. With its founding in 1997, HR Proactive recognized the need for employers to be pro-active with respect to workplace issues related to human rights legislation.

HR Proactive, through its contract arrangements with other independent consultants, is able to provide knowledgeable, experienced industry professionals with impeccable credentials. HR Proactive recognizes the need to provide gender balance and diversity in the delivery of all services.

Investigations - usually based on individual complaints. Investigations involve interviewing parties and witnesses, reviewing other relevant evidence, analyzing human rights issues, writing reports and making recommendations. HR Proactive and its consultants have been involved in hundreds of human rights investigations.

Workplace audits or reviews - are similar to investigations but are not based on an individual complaint. Employers who recognize that the workplace is less than fully efficient because of inter-personal tensions, initiate workplace audits. Audits clarify issues, which leads to resolutions and helps to prevent human rights complaints and other grievances.

Mediations - HR Proactive can provide expert mediation based on the Alternative Dispute Resolution Model. Investigations and Audits can reveal the need for mediation service.

Training Programs - HR Proactive provides a range of training services related to human rights and human resources topics including traditional workshops, the provision of generic training programs and customized web-based programs.

Policy Development Services - Organizations need to have effective internal human rights/human resources policies, including complaint resolution processes. HR Proactive provides consultation and advice regarding the design of these policies.

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